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About Bad With Money, LLC

Thank you for your interest in Bad With Money, LLC.

The idea of ‘Bad With Money’ as a satirical merchandise company started in 2022 while our founder, Mr. Chad, was living in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Mr. Chad was lying halfway on his bed, feet on the floor, staring at the ceiling. He was pondering the nature of money and what makes someone “good” or “bad” with money. He had recently listened to a financial “guru” giving advice to people in debt. The advice, when boiled down, was essentially, “stop enjoying any real aspect of anything that makes you happy.” As if saving money for the future and having a nest egg, emergency fund, etc, meant more than anything else in this world. That living frugally and always for the future is for the best… Current “Conventional Wisdom”.

It occurred to Mr. Chad that many of the people he knew who were “Bad” with money, were some of the happiest people. Often generous in their time, finances, and joy. And, by contrast, people who were tight (“Good”) with money were some of the most selfish, self-serving, and miserable people that he knew.

He had an epiphany. Those tight with money are tight with many aspects that make a fulfilling life. Those who are more free with their money seem to be a more free spirit and living in the now (isn’t that the Purpose of Mindfulness?).

His imagination sparked and he began to think of all the people he knows who were either “Good” or “Bad” with money. Over the course of a few days, Mr. Chad conceived over forty distinct concepts. Over the next month, he had over ninety.

His original idea was to make a town full of characters in a fictional place called “Moneyville, Mississippi”, for alliteration purposes. After many edits and attempts to make sense of the town, Mr. Chad decided to keep the characters separate and tell their own story through unique art scenes. “Frank Lend”, the -100 Dollar bill, was to be the currency in the town but was changed to make specific art for each themed scene. We hope you like Frank in all his variations.

Mr. Chad spent a considerable amount of time thinking and refining each scene. He wanted the viewer to ask the question, “Is this person “bad” or “good” with money? For some scenes, answers are straightforward. In other scenes, there very well could be culprits who are quite good or bad with money. That is up to your interpretation.

About our founder.

Mr. Chad is a middle-aged man with three daughters and a long-term partner, Ms. Martha. These four women/young ladies are the center of his universe. Suffice it to say, there is a lot of crying in Mr. Chad’s house, and sometimes, they cry, too.

Mr. Chad’s entire adult working life has been in healthcare, in and out of the military. While no one character in Bad With Money scenes is meant to resemble any actual person, the personalities of the characters were influenced by people Mr. Chad has met along the way.

The scenes and Frank Lend -100 Dollar bills were a lot of fun for Mr. Chad to develop, however tedious the process has been. He hopes that you enjoy Bad With Money as much as he does. If so, send a message using the Contact Us link. He personally tries to read each message.

Thank you again for your interest in Bad With Money, LLC. Take care now.